The movement will deliver its goals only through known and credible global NGOs, charities and foundations.

In future, it will also design and create its own programmes that build equality. At that point it will partner with global NGOs that have the credibility and capacity to implement such programmes.

The objective is to disperse 2% of the ultra rich’s $100 billion of wealth each year.

Prosperity Equation will be the first global initiative that ignites the consciences and benevolence of billionaires to distribute their wealth. We call it “wealth transfusion”.

There are two parts to how we achieve our goals for phase one

1. First is to launch a global social media campaign to raise the issue and stir the conscience of the UHNWI. This will be done by bottom up and top down campaigns. We want the UHNWI to invest into entrepreneurship in the industry they know best.

2. Second is directly to engage with ultra rich through wealth circles. We will inform and educate them on the commercial, emotional and health benefits of wealth distribution and present opportunities that are being offered from credible NGOs. This will be done in extremely exclusive events and experiences.

3. Thirdly, we will produce documentary TV shows. These will feature the highly personal journey of an investment by a UHNWI and the consequences of that investment on the lives of people. The show will follow the story from the start of an approach through to the completion of the project.

Prosperity Equation will direct investors to work with top international credible NGOs that have the resources to deliver our goals.