Our Strategy

We all live in a global village. What happens in one city can positively or negatively impact another city thousands of miles away. Without peace, justice, prosperity, equality, tolerance, distribution of wealth and ecological sustainability life will become difficult for us all. There will be greater conflict and misery as the result of inequality, which will hurt us all.

This is the first global conscience movement and campaign with the aim to bring about global equality and prosperity by giving an opportunity to those who can make the greatest difference – the ultra high net worth rich people of this world – by investing in the prosperity of the poor and by balancing the prosperity equation. The ultimate aim must be to create a peaceful, tolerant, and prosperous society across the globe.

If it were not for the entrepreneurial sprit across humanity, there would be little or no employment. There would not be the vast wealth and general prosperity that is in this world. So we believe that entrepreneurial success and wealth is critical. We have admiration for the ultra rich. Wealth creation should be, encouraged and looked at as a positive way of also helping the less fortunate.

The aim is to give opportunities and prosperity to the very poor through investing into entrepreneurship. This will help to eradicate poverty, generate income and support street children and provide education for a self-sufficient and sustainable future.

We do not believe that taxation, whether individual or corporate, provides the answer.

For example just 2% of a $1bn is over $20,000,000. This could create over 5,000 jobs in a poor part of the world through, for example, a sustainable agricultural production facility. This would then lift 20,000 out of poverty.